​American Security Model 19 Premium Gun Safe Door Organizer Review

If you want some more space for things in your gun safe, if you want to store some documents or little tools besides your firearms, then this post is worth checking out.

We are here to review American Security Model 19 Premium Door Organizer Retrofit Kit which is a great addition if you need some extra pouches for your ammo, cash and other valuables in your safe.

Gun Safe Door Organizer Review

You can increase your safe's capacity, utilizing this door organizer, called retro-fit kits (PDO). It can be attached with ease to any gun safe’s door panel on the inside.

Included in these kits are mounting brackets for dry or steel wall door panels. It is also equipped with Velcro straps which can be adjusted to fit different door sizes.

It has various zippered and see-through pouches in which valuables can be stored. Furthermore, it has two rows with holders for ammunition, small flashlights and choke tubes.

Two pistol storage systems of full width are available for the accommodation of various handguns. It has four holsters, but you can purchase additional holsters separately.

It also has a storage system for a long gun that can accommodate two firearms and includes the exclusive quick release, no hassle AMSEC band.


  • Easily installed – for wider door-panels, alternate clips are included.
  • Pistol holsters – flexible arrangement – should you use them.
  • Upper rifle holders – flexible arrangement – should you choose to use them.
  • Many pockets.


  • Only one direction (or hand) of holster provided – not reversible.
  • Velcro patches for holders and holster – in two bands; placement - not arbitrary
  • Utilizing rifle holders can cover access to pockets.
  • Straps meant to reach the bottom of the door are too short – extensions are available, but not included.

This American Security Model 19 Premium Door Organizer Retrofit Kit is one of the best door organizers for your gun safe out there. You can check its latest price on Amazon below.

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  • Updated September 29, 2019
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Alper Yaylaci - October 3, 2017

If you truly want to keep valuables things away from the prying eyes, then you exactly need a safe box. They are available in different categories but the most popular categories are one that is fixed to a wall or floor and the other that can be carried around. It is up to your need.

    Naser - October 4, 2017

    Thank you for leaving a comment, Alper. I couldn’t agree more about using a safe which is secured to the wall or at the basement.


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