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What Would One Do If They Were Robbed at Gunpoint in Their Car?

There are many things people think of when driving. Whether it’s a long road trip or stuck in a traffic jam, our minds tend to wander and we start to prepare for any pretend situations that happen. One of them would be what would happen if ever you got robbed at gunpoint while in your car! While […]

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  • Updated September 27, 2019

Protecting Your Ears: Do Gun Silencers/Suppressors Help?

​Protecting Your Ears: Do Gun Silencers/Suppressors Help?When handling a gun, there are things you’ll need to take note of. It isn’t just about the way you target and shoot, but the protection needed when training and pulling the trigger. You might be surprised to know that you’ll need ear protection while handling guns. When in movies, […]

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  • Updated October 2, 2019

What Gun Would You Choose If You Were in a Post-Apocalyptic World?

​What Gun Would You Choose If You Were in a Post-Apocalyptic World?Have you ever wondered about the chances of a zombie apocalypse? What would happen if that were the case? Most importantly, what if you survived? Since this would be a serious time, one of the essentials things you will need won’t only be the food […]

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  • Updated September 28, 2019